5 Points to Ponder when Purchasing a Granny Flat

Granny flats can not only offer flexibility to your home but also add value to your house in economic terms. Increasingly popular in Australia,a  granny flat is a self-contained dwelling which is established in conjunction with the principal dwelling, on the same piece of land as the principal dwelling and at times within, or attached to, the principal residence.

Like any other purchase you make you need to plan beforehand and decide whether a portable granny flat or an attached one suits your apartment, plus, mull over the design, cost issues and other important decisions associated with the idea.

Below are the five basic points to ponder while constructing a small extension or granny flat, to your apartment:

  1. Where to Call-up

Since granny flats are now not only for grannies, they can serve as little homes for your children plus you can rent out your extension, too. Depending upon your utility, the budget part of your decision stands as the most important point to start with. Ask yourself – what is my estimate? Finance and financial advice on granny flats are provided by various banks that inform you about a number of funds you can borrow.

Selecting a proficient architect with a reasonable quote is quite challenging and can affect your cost-benefit ratio. Work out the designs you like and then compile, compare and share the ones you want. Show up to your architect with all of these and a proficient designer will tell you how much the construction will cost you.

A ‘fixed price policy’ should be followed so that there are no fluctuations in prices during construction.


  1. Architect Selection

Choosing a proficient builder can be a dream come true for anyone. Ask questions to your builder about their experience in building a granny flat. Inquire about their accomplished jobs and cross check it by matching it with their online portfolios.

Ask for the types of granny flats constructed by them earlier. Never forget to ask about the number of accomplished projects by the builder. That way you have all your bases covered.

  1. Design or Schema Selection

Finding and selecting a design is next. Being a small home out of the back of a property does not mean you do not have options with the design of your granny flat. The way you chalk out the design for your full-size homes, can also be made for a granny flat.

A plethora of options is available to build up your granny flat into masterpiece. Compare designs, finishes and materials before contracting with your builder. Select a suitable design and pattern for your little extension that will add beauty plus utility to your apartment.

Making alterations later can cost you more plus eat up your time. So it is advisable to be 100 percent sure with a plan of action before construction itself.

  1. Quote Comparison

Comparing the prices is not a big task, rather it is an important task. You need to check whether the cost of your little home is worth the investment. Check with local councils and get information regarding building regulations.

Three quotes should be compared to give the final touch to your construction. You can use various sites online to check and compare the quotes.

  1. Find Your Needs

Be quick! Analyse your need, make your mind up and then decide the design and architect which best suits to you. Help yourself by comparing designs and builders by browsing through various online sites.

All in all, be ready with your budget plus the design of your granny flat. Inform yourself of the local rules and regulations by consulting with local councils. Hunt around and decide on a proficient architect who can build you a perfect granny flat worth your investment. Follow each of these steps before going for your dream granny flat.

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