Got a Leak here’s 5 Tips you should know about

It is one of those things that when it happens to a homeowner can cause them a great amount of distress. There are things that you can do that will help you to be able to deal with the leak and will not lead to you having a serious repair bill if you manage to catch the leak quick enough. Things like a plumber in Toronto will go a long way in helping for the overall health of your drains to stay at their tip top shape. But if you do manage to find yourself with a leak, you need to take a few basic steps to help you deal with the situation.


First place a pan or pot under the area that has the leak, this will help and reduce the amount of water that drips or leaks onto things like wood that can rot from prolonged exposure to water. Be sure that you empty the pan or pot out regularly to prevent it from overflowing and causing an even bigger issue. This sounds to be common sense, but the fact is that this is not as cut and dried as it may sound.

Second, locate the leak. The reason you need to know where the leak is, can help you to determine how bad is the issue and if you will need to call the services of a professional plumber or not. After you have found the leak, you can access if it can be fixed on your own, or if it will need professional assistance.


If the leak is in a faucet, then you can turn the water flow to the faucet in question off. Many sinks, and bathtubs will have individual controls that control the hot and cold water individually. So, if your hot water faucet in the bathroom is leaking, then you can turn the water supply off to this faucet and keep it from leaking.

If the leak is a minor issue, then you should be able to fix it on your own. An example of this would be the elbow joint of a sink drain pipe. These can often times form a leak that will start out minor and soon will grow into something a lot bigger. You can take the elbow joint off and replace it with a new one. It will be important that you use plumbers tape to make sure and get a good stable seal on your pipe.

The last thing will be to call a plumber Toronto company and have them come out and see to your leak issue. Often it seems a lot worse than it really is and they will be able to come out and fix it without any issues at all. This will not cost nearly as much as ignoring the issue and then having to have serious repairs made to your home as a result of the leak that was allowed to get worse. All of these tips will be excellent in helping you to handle your leak issues and will save you time and money in the end having to deal with an expensive leak.