How Bad Posture Affects You and Your Brain

Slouching and bad posture do more than just make your neck, back, and shoulders ache. Studies suggest that it can also negatively affect your mood, behaviour, and attitude. You may not realise it, but the way you sit or stand could be the reason you feel sad, stressed, and exhausted. It is important to know that your brain influences how your body reacts, but the way your body is positioned can also trigger the brain.

Here’s how bad posture messes with you and your mind:

  • It Increases Your Risk of Depression

You probably know that sitting all the time is bad for your health, but doing this in a slouched position can increase your risk of depression. Know that seating slows your body’s internal and external processes, resulting in decreased energy levels. This can then affect your overall mood. In fact, research suggests that those who sit more than seven hours daily are at higher risk of depression than who sit for just four hours or less.

  • It Tarnishes Your Reputation at Work

Slouching at work or bending over can negatively affect how people perceive you. While you may be busy completing your task, maintaining a relaxed position tells others that you are relaxing and not working. This then contributes to career problems, with your boss or colleagues thinking that you are not doing your job.

  • It Disturbs Your Digestive Process

Maintaining a crunched or slouched position folds your intestines and compresses your digestive organs. This causes your digestive system to slow down and not function at ideal levels. This then leads to constipation, delayed metabolism conversion, stomach discomfort, and even acid reflux. You can benefit from doing Pilates or yoga to strengthen your core and cleanse your body.

  • Increases Your Risk of Certain Diseases

When you are at home, sitting and watching the TV, it is unlikely that you are sitting up straight. You are most likely slouching on the couch or maintaining the position you’re most comfortable with. Studies suggests that the habit of sitting for extended periods can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It can also reduce your life expectancy.

  • It Makes You Look Fat and Heavy

If you can’t sit up straight for extended periods and you feel more comfortable slouching, others may see you as lazy and fatter. With slouching or a poor sitting position, your internal organs are most likely to go down, which can make you look heavier. You may want to stand up and get moving to strengthen your body and burn unwanted weight.

  • It Creates More Stress

Research suggests that individuals who maintain good postures feel more confident and experience a decrease in cortisol (stress hormones) levels. Those who slouched, on the other hand, experience low self-confidence and heightened stress levels. Bad posture also means compressing the body, which causes shallow breathing. This prompts the heart and the lungs to work harder, which then causes more stress.

Stop Slouching and Improve Your Posture

Being aware of your posture and proper posture leads to conscious correction. It is also important to be active and take every opportunity you have to get up from your chair. Doing yoga and Pilates are beneficial in improving your overall health, as well as your posture. Consulting a chiropractor can also treat and correct your posture.

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