Reaching Out For the Best Twin Gear Juicer

We tend to be heavily opinionated towards appliances such as juicers and any new variant in the market tends to make us more cynical as most of us would love to stick to our earlier ways of juicing. Currently, there are triturating and masticating juicers, which are beginning to become a trend among home appliance owners. Loaded with two gears instead of one, people tend to get influenced by brands, design of the product and the price that it carries.  Different kinds of dilemma in decision making are usually encountered by those who might not have enough experience of using juicers. We know reading through a huge user manual might take a lot of time and will probably not be an interesting thing to do after all. But then, there are people who have taken a leap of faith and used triturating and masticating juicers. Much to their surprise, some products were very easy to use and the sizes were compact.


When it comes to level-headed price and convenience, triturating juicers are considered as the best choice and the same has been recommended by lots of customers who have used Omega TWN30S Twin Gear Juicer. However, it might be a great plus to know how a triturating juicer functions, in order to be sure of the choice you make.

Features of Omega TWN30S Twin Gear Juicer

Omega has always established itself as a trusted brand among people who have purchased their range of masticating juicers.

  • There are two gears in this model paired with a strong motor that squishes out every single drop of pulp from whatever we put in the machine. This juicer model is capable of squishing juice out of all sorts of citrus and soft fruits along with leafy vegetables.
  • With high output, but simplistic design, this is an ideal model not only for beginners, but for experienced owners also.
  • With an RPM rate of 160, there is barely any oxidation process occurring as this juicer preserves nutrients from fruits and vegetables more than other juicers. We can store the juice extract for almost 72 hours without bothering about its quality.
  • The Omega TWN30S Twin Gear juicer might possess a challenge in maintenance terms since it takes some time to clean the components. But then, the yield is good and the cost is reasonable, so that compensates.

Additional merits of Omega TWN30S Twin Gear Juicer


Already in the previous section, there are a few important features that serve as merits, but then, those are not the only benefits that this juicer offers. Omega values its customers and knows that the pointers mentioned below should always be held pivotal when it comes to manufacturing juicers. The makers never wanted to limit the produce to only fruits and vegetables as people can use this model for wheat grass or sprouts. Some users have also reported using this juicer to crush coffee beans. In addition to natural produce, this juicer works wonders for baby food, nut butter, frozen desserts and extruding process of pasta and milk. With these pointers, a user would be aware of the features to look out for in a particular triturating juicer and these should be enough to assist in making the right juicer choice for any household.