Ride Smart and Clean With ProGo 3000

In today’s world, one of the major areas of concern is pollution. It has been proven that pollution not only has an adverse effect on the environment but at the same time is directly responsible for countless diseases. One of the greatest sources of pollution is vehicles. Vehicles are held responsible for releasing extremely harmful gases into the atmosphere. The need of the hour is a vehicle, which is efficient and at the same time eco-friendly. After two years of intense research a company called ProGo, based out of Los Angeles has come up with a scooter named ProGo 3000, which runs on propane.


ProGo 3000 Emerges As the Most Effective Eco-Friendly Scooter

Since ProGo 3000 uses propane as its fuel, it has successfully registered itself as a non-polluting vehicle. Not only do these propane scooters for adults help in safeguarding the environment, but at the same time aid in preserving the non-renewable fuel resources. Moreover, it needs to be taken into account that on one hand, propane is extremely cheap and on the other hand, it is readily available. ProGo 3000 is designed in such a way that it guarantees cost effectiveness and environment friendliness. As far as its effectivity is concerned, it is tuned in to provide the best possible riding experience. Weighing just over 35 lbs, even a kid can handle this scooter with ease and grace.

Why Should You Choose ProGo 3000 Over Its Competitors?


Light in Weight: The scooter weighs 35 lbs. It has been designed in such a fashion that it can carry an additional weight of 200 lbs. So, this scooter can be the perfect vehicle for travelling long distances with a heavy load.

No need to recharge batteries frequently: Unlike the scooters that run on electricity, this scooter does not require battery charging at frequent intervals. It comes with fast tank filling technology, which makes it even more suitable for long distance travel as it makes the driving and travelling experience smoother and better. Changing the propane canister is extremely easy. Each can is capable of providing a run distance that varies from 48-60 kilometers.

Noiseless engine: Despite the fact that this scooter comes with a 25cc 4 stroke engine; it does not generate loud noise, which remains an inevitable component of gas driven scooters.

Easy to maintain: This revolutionary scooter promise to be easy to maintain. The designers of this vehicle have invested massive emphasis to ensure that it is built in such a fashion that the maintenance cost and subsequently the time required is reduced to a great extent.

To sum up, it can be safely said that this eco-friendly propane scooter is worth its cost. Apart from the fact that this scooter guarantees to be environment-friendly, it boasts of coming with features that make the driving experience smoother and better than ever. Along with steel framework and 4-stroke 25 cc engine, this vehicle comes with rear and disc brakes which ensure the safety of the driver.