Samsung Galaxy S9 : A Game Changer

The S8 incorporates for the first time a processor of 10 nanometers that dissipates the heat better. Samsung is going to make a hugely significant change in the processor which would be built on a 7nm chipset, so much of deliberate efforts just for upcoming rocking smartphone Galaxy S9, which is going to launch next year in Company’s own event likely to be in the mid-April.

Design and Appearance

To improve the image, there is nothing better than changing faces. The Galaxy S8 has made its screen grow to occupy virtually the entire front, eliminating the curved side edges and also transform into the screen as in the Edge model of the S7, and removing the top metallic frames (except for the strip The front camera and the iris scanner) and lower. In this way, the screen grows from 5.1 inches from S7 to 5.8 from S8; And of the S7 Edge 5.5 to the 6.2 inches of the S8 +. The recent hearsay broadcasted news is that the forthcoming Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 plus won’t be much different from Galaxy S8/S8 plus regarding its screen size, i.e., phones Galaxy S9/S9 + will hit the market with a 5.8” and 6.2” respectively. The differences would lie in their appearance; an edge-to-edge AMOLED 4K display of Galaxy S9, lacking physical Home button so as to increase the surface area providing 95% Screen to body ratio. Moreover, Galaxy S9 is worry-less modish device cherished with a safeguard Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

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In this pruning of the frontal, also disappears the physical start button, which becomes virtual, and moves to the upper back to the fingerprint sensor, which incorporates for the first time the recognition of programmable gestures, to open and close the most common applications. The phone unlocking security feature fingerprint reader in Galaxy S9, according to an industry insider, would be placed in another position (unlike Galaxy S8 where the fingerprint scanner was placed under the camera lens on the rare side). We can see a quicker version of it in Galaxy S9.

Iris scanner

One of the great novelties is the incorporation of the recognition of the face as a method of unlocking that joins the other modes such as the introduction of the code, the pattern drawing, the iris scanner (inherited from Note 7) and the fingerprint. If we make a comparison, facial unlocking in Galaxy S8 works a little slower than the last two, and gives problems in low light or if you add glasses, even if they are transparent crystals but in Galaxy S9, the modish and speedy iris scanner is so powerful that it can scan the iris and unlock the phone within a second.


No doubt! Samsung Galaxy S9 is really a game changer which can yield a high amount of profit to the company as well as the users with its supreme energetic hardware and software, even the breathtaking stunning display and appearance. The latest Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC with Adreno GPU and Exynos 9810 enhances the glory of the smartphone S9.

Source: edgegalaxys9.com