Should You Consider Buying Phentermine from Alternate Sources

There are natural herbal phentermine available in the market, which can also work as an alternative to prescription medicine called phentermine. This herbal supplement can also boost your metabolism, burn calories and suppress your appetite and yet increase your energy levels. Now the question is can we use it as an alternate to prescribed drug?

How do you compare herbal phen with prescription phen

If you look at their chemical composition then both are not the same drug. However, one can get almost the same result by taking these alternatives to Phen. Medical researchers have not yet done complete study to justify this claim. Even FDA has also not approved this herbal phen.

People prefer to take herbal phen as the real drug may cause addiction and misuse by taking overdose. To obtain prescription can be expensive proposition and difficult to obtain hence many people end up buying herbal phen.

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Another benefit is that you can use the prescription drugs for only small period of time, while herbal alternate can be used for longer duration without having any risk of adverse side effects.

What kind of diet must be followed?

Though both the drugs cannot be considered the same, but to achieve weight loss you need to consider your diet too. You should not only restrict yourself to low calorie diet, but also need to do sufficient physical exercises to obtain good results.

If you intend to consider taking alternating phen then you must do some research about the product. Make sure that it is not only effective but safe too.

Due to various restrictions imposed on real phentermine drug, it is a bit difficult to source and hence people who are desirous to lose their weight may consider buying the alternative herbal medicine.

When you select any herbal phen then make sure that all the contents of the medicines are natural ingredients. Some of the marketers may make wild claims, but it is important to read user reviews before buying any of these herbal alternatives.

What about safety issues with alternate drugs?

Before you buy any alternate medicine make sure about the source of the medicine. The process of manufacturing and quality of the product may not necessarily be similar in all other countries in the world. Particularly there are few Chinese products available in the market, which have very dubious reputation. Look also for the company’s name and it should be from some reputed and branded company.