What are the different coverages available for the car dealers?

There are certain limits or coverages for the car dealers but how to figure out the suitable coverage for you? Out of the millions in the world, what is the best for you is confusion. Car dealer insurance is quite expensive and the insurance company will have no idea about what the owners do during their test drives. Little coverage is mandatory for used certified cars in Bangalore below 1 lakh and you must take care of that.  

Types of liabilities:

Garage liability will provide protection for liability resulting. From maintenance until ownership, they will take care of the car insurances. They will provide protection only for the premises and for the accidents. It depends on the car dealers and they should be maintained within a certain geographical area. Auto liability will provide protection for the car dealers where the event of being sued because of the accident. There is a minimum level on each state and the car owners should abide that limit. This is almost the same as garage liability.Image result for What are the different coverages available for the car dealers?

Physical Damages are counted:

Dealers open lot provides the car owners a physical damage coverage that is owned by the dealer. Physical damage is basically the collision coverage, fire and theft. Coinsurance clause is a percentage determined if your car is partially damaged or fully damaged. This will be possibly done by the insurance companies. Garage keeper’s liability is to reconsider if certain damages should be considered or not. The car owner would want to include but it may not be present on the terms and conditions.

Can we produce false pretense?

False pretense is pretending to have a physical damage and producing documents from the car owner’s side. If someone is test driving a vehicle and if they have made some damages, then they cannot take blame. In this place, insurance companies allow false pretends. The car dealer bonds are required for new dealerships for limited time and they will also get a guarantee that it is registered. This is done as we buy a new car and claim insurance for that.